I am a writer who grew up in New Delhi, a city bestrewn with old ruins. It is therefore not surprising that I dig out stories from Old India and turn them to historical fiction. I write both in English and Hindi. Here, in this portfolio, I present my published writing in both languages.


I founded, a microphone for modern hindi writing where we give voice to contemporary hindi writers. The first issue was published on February 8th 2016.


I want the world to be populated with writers and artists, and for this reason at e-Kalpana we will consider all good writing sent to us, irrespective of the resume of the writer. So if you like to write in hindi, send us your work. If you like to read hindi fiction, check out It is just a click away from you.


On a personal note, I have a Ph.D. in physics and was doing scientific research for several years before I started to write fiction. I'm a sun & fun loving person. I seriously have zero-tolerance for cold climate.  I have found a paradise in my home in Los Angeles that I share with my family - a nice man and a shy cat.

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